I’m John and I’m a Backend & Devops engineer!

Currently I work as a web developer for the german company ActiveAgent AG.

Check out some of my spare time projects

My personal blog with posts about various developer topics and my life as a parent

Build with: Gatsby / React


A mobile app to help you control your finances

Confin helps you to keep track of your own finances
On the basis of own created categories individual statistics are generated

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Build with: Angular

Made my day

Minimalistic journal app for macOS.

It does not require a monthly subscription and has a standard and easy convertible file format (Markdown)

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Build with: React

Remake of the classic DOS game Zatacka ('Achtung, die Kurve!')
Play on different platforms

Build with: JavaScript


I’m John and I’m a Backend & Devops engineer!

Nicolas Gehlert

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